Praise from Clients

I feel so lucky that I found Annie! Before working with Annie I had sciatic pain which, at various points, brought me to tears. She has helped me immensely with my pain, which has often been totally eliminated for a week at a time after treatments, and that length of time without pain keeps increasing, so I know we’re onto something! She’s warm and friendly and just a lovely person to be around. She asks great questions, which have made me think differently about different aspects of my lifestyle and health. She’s amazing. I promise.
— Aimee, Doula & Yoga Teacher

Annie is truly amazing! She is patient and kind; and takes the time to get to know each patient individually, working with them to personalize their treatment. I have chronic migraines and suffer from anxiety, and she was a HUGE help throughout the entire process. I felt much, much better after just a few sessions with her. My tension headaches and muscle twitches nearly subsided, and I felt more calm and at ease. I highly, highly recommend working with her!
— K.O., Journalist

Woah. This was the most relaxing experience. Annie listened to me, and discussed all my health issues with me. She taught me a lot and then gave me a fabulous acupuncture session. Her office space is very professional and relaxing! I highly recommend her services!
— Stacy, Schoolteacher

Annie is exceptional - as a practitioner, as a healer, as a listener. I initially sought her services to build up my uterus and generally improve my physical energy before fertility treatments. All of my doctors were amazed - my uterine lining, after four weeks of bi-weekly sessions was like that of a 25 year old - and I am much older than that! My circulation improved drastically and I felt physically transformed (lessened anxiety, fewer aches and pains, more energy) after this time period.

I have stayed with Annie for general well-being and weight loss. She is creative and uses many techniques - ear buds, electronic stimulation, in addition to her 100% pain-free (and bruise-free) needle administration. I have been to acupuncturists before and I have always experienced pain during and bruising after treatments - never with Annie! I am also so relaxed by her treatment and the atmosphere of her space that I fall asleep during treatment - again, never was that relaxed with other practitioners.

At the start of each session Annie always checks in to see what is going on with me THAT DAY - physically, emotionally, psychologically. She addresses my needs on that day, never assuming I need what I needed last time and she always adds or subtracts treatment based on those needs.

She is so calm and centered and always answers questions kindly and clearly. I recommend her to anyone in the city who is looking for treatment.
— Stacey, Actress

My sessions with Annie remind me what energy, clarity, and deep relaxation all feel like. She is gentle and intuitive and I’m able to open up and convey my needs simply before each treatment. I feel nurtured through her blended offering of music or guided meditation, essential oils and massage along with expert acupuncture. The effects are felt long after each session!
— Amy, Doula & Yoga Teacher

I came to Dr. Annie after the birth of my 2nd baby. I needed help creating mental and physical calm. As she said, it took a little time to feel acupuncture results, and after some time I was able to make positive changes I never thought possible. I credit Dr. Annie’s work for helping me get to this more calm place. I’m really pleased. Annie’s also a great listener and gently offers practical advice when appropriate. She’s also an essential oil guru and is always ready to offer a remedy. Go see her, you owe it to yourself.
— Christen, Artist

Although I had never gone through acupuncture before, Annie eased my fears and made the experience relaxing, and effective by making me feel comfortable, all the while explaining everything in detail. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Annie. She has a true healing gift. Her knowledge is both scientific, and intuitive at the same time. I recommend Annie with both acupuncture, and essential oil care, as she really is an expert in both. Thanks Annie!
— Ximena, Mom & Journalist
Annie is a wonderful acupuncturist. As someone who is more comfortable with Western modalities, I am perhaps not the ideal acupuncture patient. However, Annie made a true effort to understand where I was coming from, and explained what she was doing in clear, easy-to-understand terms. I felt educated about my own body and what acupuncture could do for it. Her comprehensive understanding of how traditional Eastern medicine and Western medicine can work together was very comforting to me. Furthermore, when she understood how needle-shy I am (I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was in my 30s!), she made me feel comfortable and not nervous at all. Her needle technique is amazingly gentle, and at every point she makes sure I am feeling calm and at ease. If I can enjoy acupuncture and find it relaxing, anyone can—at least when Annie is acupuncturist in question.

Most important of all, you can tell Annie really cares about her patients. I wasn’t just a patient; I was a human being she was trying to help, and her warmth and commitment to my wellbeing was evident at every moment.
— MJ, Writer
Annie is a very thoughtful acupuncturist who is guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine and aromatherapy. I appreciate that she often incorporates essential oils and massage into her treatments, and she occasionally recommends herbs for persistent issues. With the scope of her practice she has been able to address a variety of my physical and emotional ailments.

My most recent treatment was for a cold that lasted a few days, went away, and then come back for even longer. I had sinus pressure, drainage, and an uncontrollable cough. After my session with Annie my sinuses cleared and coughing subdued—not even 24 hours later I felt like myself again. Annie’s treatments will support your immune system and get you back on your feet in no time!
— Janae, Dancer & Performer